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Diners Club Corporate Solutions

A comprehensive system for bringing employee spending in line with your business objectives, while gibing your travelers the card that offers convenience and comfort.

Why Diners Club?

Industry Leader

With Diners Club, you can bring our expertise into your business - expertise developed and honed through more than 50 years of experience as the industry leader in travel and entertainment expense management.


Diners Club offers a wide range of options to simplify and streamline expense management processes for finance directors, travel managers, and employees who travel and entertain.


The foundation of our system is superior customer service delivered by our professional expense management team. This includes our dedicated customer service resource, offering personal telephone service.

Diners Club of Japan Corporate Product Lineup

Corporate Card System : An Effective Tool for Managing Travel and Entertainment Expenditure

The Diners Club Corporate Card System is a comprehensive expense management solution designed to help organizations maintain better control of business expenses. Our Corporate Card System offers the flexibility necessary to meet distinct business needs.


  • Streamlined Workload of Expense Management :
    The reduction in the number of cash advances, as well as the subsequent reduction in related paperwork, can result in a more efficient expense accounting system.
  • Cash Flow and Interest Control
  • Customized Report :
    We provide a complete record of charge for the billing period in both a detailed and summarized format.
  • Enhanced System Solution
  • Diners Club Excellent Customer Service

Understanding deeply that every organization is different, we offer our corporate clients increased flexibility in account structure and greater control measures to manage employee travel and entertainment expenditure.
With tailored billing, liability and merchant control you can customize a system to meet your business requirements.

Corporate Travel System : Centralize Air Travel Cost with a Diners Club® Corporate Travel Account

The Diners Club Corporate Travel Account makes it easy to capture and control expenses for both frequent and infrequent travelers - even non-employees, such as recruits, contractors, customers, or vendors. It's a cardless system that you can put to work at once with a travel agency or agencies that you prefer without a change to your established terms and conditions.


  • Interest effect :
    The 30-60 day float between the issuance date of a ticket and the payment date provided through CTS can greatly assist cash flow.
  • Consolidation of payments :
    No more making numerous payments to separate agencies. With CTS, your business makes a single payment to Diners Club only.
  • MIS reports :
    CTS-generated MIS reports assist in managing travel expenses
  • No annual fee
  • Airline travel insurance :
    Up to JPY50Million in travel accident insurance is provided free of charge to those individuals purchasing tickets through CTS

Corporate Purchasing System : Consolidated MRO* spending with the Corporate Purchasing System

* (MRO = Maintenance, Repair, and Operation)

The Diners Club Corporate Purchasing System is a centralized payment program that helps you gain tighter control over the MRO costs including land-line phone, mobile phone, car rental, and more.

Diners Club Global Vision®

Global vision® is a simple, easy-to-use tool for generating detailed reports on spending activity, policy compliance, delinquencies, and more. All of your travel and entertainment spending data is stored securely in a single, centralized data warehouse that is accessible online - anytime, anywhere.


  • Worldwide T&E expenses into one look to analyze from multiple point of view :
    You can roll-up Diners Club Card spending and analyze it, by specific vendors, by geographical areas, by periods of time or any combination thereof. GV can be an independent source of information for negotiating preferred vendor rates.
  • Tighter policy compliance :
    Through detailed exception reporting, you can monitor spending exceptions, such as non-compliance with travel policies.
  • Proactive credit control through delinquency tracking :
    Payment of accounts can be monitored to ensure compliance with internal policies.
  • One currency for multinational organizations :
    Generate consolidated reports using consistent currency based on where the corporate is headquartered.
  • Exporting reports capabilities :
    Reports can be shared within customer organizations.


Diners Club Corporate Business
TEL 03-6871-9189 (Mon - Fri 8:45 am to 5:00 pm / Sat, Sun and holidays are closed)

For Corporate Card Users : Diners Club Service Lineup


  • When a card is issued from Dines Club, immediately sign the card with the cardholder’s name.
  • Only the member who has signed the card is authorized to use the card.
  • In the case when there in no signature in the predetermined signature panel and theft or loss occurs, the member is no exempt from payment ( the amount of damage is not compensated.)

Diners Club Customer Service Information

Our Customer Service representative are available to assist you with various inquiries and requests.
Call toll-free at 0120-074-024

* for English guidance, please press 2.

Travel Support

Travel Insurance

You will be covered by a travel accident insurance free of charges with your Diners Club Card.

  • Depending on the agreement with your company, you may be required to charge your travel expenses to Diners Club Card in order to be covered.
  • For domestic travel, your travel expenses such as airline tickets and accommodations must be charged to Diners Club Card prior to any incident.
    In case of an emergency, please contact Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Diners Club Desk.
    Call toll-free at 0120-170-785 (open 24-7)
  • Underwriter : Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.

Emergency Assistance

We provide informational support on medical facilities and hospitalization arrangements in case of you become ill or injured during your travel abroad.

Airport Lounges

As you travel, experience the comfort and convenience of Diners Club Airport Lounges the private facilities located in major cities around the world. A range of executive service such as private offices and fax machines are available.

Domestic Airline Ticket Purchasing System

You can make reservations for your domestic air travel by Internet or mobile.

* Service available in Japanese only.

Railway -JR-

You can use your Diners Club Card to purchase JR train tickets at "Midori no Madoguchi" and "Travel Center".
For details, please visit relevant JR website:

Rental Car

Hertz Rental Car

With more than 140 countries and 7,000 locations worldwide, Hertz, the world's largest rental car company can provide a special discount for Diners Club Card members.
For more information, please call the Hertz Reservation Center.
Call toll-free at 0120-489-882 (Mon - Fri 9:00 am to 6:00 pm / Sat, Sun and holidays are closed)

Entertainment Support


  • Diners Club Sign-less Style
  • Diners Club Executive Dining

Diners Club Rewards Program

Earn Diners Club Rewards Point for every 100 yen you spend on your credit card, and redeem your points for useful coupons, goods, or foods through Club Online.

Diners Club Rewards Point never expire, so take your time and save up your points.

For more information, please call our Call Center.

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