No fixed credit limit.
The credit line will be set individually to each card member depending their usage situation and payment status.

A concierge is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer all of your requests, no matter how detailed.
Only Diners Club members will receive preferential treatment and special services,
as well as invitations to members-only events and be the first to receive exclusive benefits.

Exclusive for Tokyo
American Club Members

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1Three years package plan [ Fee: ¥231,000 (including tax) ]

This plan requires you to hold Diners Club Premium Card for 3 years.

This is a discount of ¥198,000 (including tax) or about 46% compared to the annual

fee of ¥429,000 (including tax) that you hold Diners Club Premium Card for 3 years.

<Important Notice>

● No refund for midterm cancellation with Three years package plan.

● Require ¥143,000 (including tax) annual fee from 4th year.

● No downgrade when selecting Three years package plan for the period.

2Single year plan

This is a discount of ¥143,000 (including tax) or about 33% compared to the annual fee of ¥429,000(including tax) that you hold Diners Club Premium Card for 3 years.

The Diners Club card is the only card that can be used to pay Tokyo American Club monthly fees and facility usage charges.
Reward points earned on purchases can be exchanged for special items by Diners Club, including Airline miles.

Please check the terms and conditions for Diners Club Card before applying. See more details here

Companion Card Annual Fee: Free
The TRUST CLUB World Elite Card can be added as a companion card.
The normal annual fee of 143,000 yen (inc. Tax) will be waived for Premium Card members. Of course, it is also free for Family Card members.
*The point conversion ratio and some other details of services differ from those of TRUST CLUB World Elite Cards issued separately.
Points count towards the Diners Club Rewards Program
Points are combined with those from the Premium Card to enable efficient accumulation. Companion Card points are earned at the rate of one point per 100 yen (this rate is different from the Premium Card).
*Points may not be earned on purchases at some stores.
Combined invoicing and payment accounts
Invoices are issued together with Premium Card invoices (the detailed usage statement is shown separately for each card).
Mastercard top class services
Providing a full range of services from Mastercard Taste of Premium®, including free hand luggage delivery for international flights (up to three items each for departure and return), dining by Syotai-Biyori (one guest for free at famous restaurants when two or more guests dine together).

Earn more points with Diners Club Premium Card

Earn points in a wide range of different situations

Points earned from using additional cards such as the Companion Card, Family Card, ETC Card, and Business Account Card (which can be linked to a company account) can be combined with points from the Diners Club Premium Card, enabling you to earn points in a wide range of different situations.

Boost points through large-scale purchases

The Diners Club Premium Card has no across-the-board restrictions set on the total credit line, allowing you to boost the points you earn through large purchases such as renovations and imported cars.

*The total credit line is set individually, based on factors such as each member's card usage and payment record.

Points never expire

Accumulated points have no expiration date, allowing you to exchange as much as you want, when you want to. The Diners Club Premium Card offers a rich variety of awards, from trendy items to partner airline miles and points transfer to partner programs.

An experience surpassing expectations, for those who understand genuine value.


Industry-leading levels of return. Earn points efficiently in a range of situations from daily household expenses to business expenses, or even large-scale purchases. The points have no expiration date, so you can feel secure earning them.

Premium Bonus Point Program

Usage in Japan: 1.5 points per 100 yen*1
(1 point + 0.5 bonus points)
Usage overseas: 2 points per 100 yen
(1 point + 1 bonus point)

*1 Points may not be earned on purchases at some stores. The method used to convert points may be different at some stores. Some payment methods are not eligible for the Premium Bonus Point Program.

Diners Club Premium Companion Card

A second card, for the ultimate lifestyle. A range of services is available with the Diners Club Premium Companion Card.

Priority Pass (a Mastercard® program)

Card members have access to Priority Pass, the world's largest airline lounge program. Enjoy over 1,300 airport VIP lounges in 148 countries worldwide, regardless of what airline or class you fly. There is no restriction on the number of times this service can be used, so take the time to relax before your flight.

Flight Delay Pass

By registering your flight details ahead of time, you can enjoy any of over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide for free in the case of a flight delay of two hours or more.
Your accompanying passengers can also enjoy the lounge for free, even if they are not card members.

Mastercard Taste of Premium®

Mastercard Taste of Premium® offers a range of fulfilling services such as preferential treatment at high-class ryokans and restaurants in Japan, and hotels in Japan and worldwide.


Concierge responds to your requests 24-hours each day throughout the year, to assist your busy lifestyle. Some examples are shown below.

Recommending restaurants with quiet, private rooms

Concierge assists you to book private rooms at hard-to-book secluded restaurants, allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant in comfort.

Finding facilities where you can bathe in hot springs close to a golf course

Let Concierge know the golf course you will play at, and the service will suggest nearby ryokans with hot springs, recommended by travel professionals. Concierge can also arrange evening parties.

Searching for items you forgot to buy at your travel destination

If you ever forget to buy anything while visiting a destination in Japan or overseas, Concierge can find it for you and discover and suggest ways of purchasing it.

Finding your favorite wines from around the world

The wine experts at the Concierge exclusive premium desk can suggest wines to meet your tastes from around the world, including mature wines from regions such as Bordeaux and Burgundy. Concierge can also locate the perfect wine for a present, such as one from the vintage of the birth year.


Diners Club, as the name suggests, is originally a club for diners, and offers a multitude of special dining services.

Premium Executive Dining

One guest dines for free when two or more guests order a designated course meal at eligible restaurants. The service also offers many restaurants that are only available to Premium Card members.

Ryotei Plan

This service assists Diners Club card members to book high-class Japanese traditional restaurants (ryotei) that are normally difficult to reserve. Enjoy the thoughtful courtesy of the staff as you dine in these exclusive spaces.


Enjoy careful and generous support throughout your journey.


Premium Card members enjoy exclusive, preferential treatment at accommodation including luxury hotels in Japan and around the world and ryokans. Marriott International and Hyatt Hotels & Resorts also offer a rich range of privileges for Premium Card members.

Membership Privileges

Premium Card members can access special privileges such as high-level membership of Preferred Hotels & Resorts and

Airport Lounges

Diners Club Card members (and Family card members) can enjoy any of about 1,300 airport lounges in Japan and around the world for free. Up to one accompanying passenger may also use any of the airport lounges in Japan for free.


We offer full protection, beginning with up to 100 million yen in coverage for injury, death, or disability (automatic coverage). Coverage in Japan and worldwide extends not only to card members and Family card members but also to family members (those eligible under a family rider), giving peace of mind.

*Please refer to the Diners Club website for further details.


Making everyday life more colorful.

Ginza Premium Lounge

Presenting the Diners Club Ginza Premium Lounge: the atmosphere of your own private cafe in the heart of Ginza. Card members, including Family card members, can use the lounge once each day for free. The Ginza Concierge Service is also available to cardholders.


THE TOWER LOUNGE CASHIME is a members-only lounge located on the third floor of Chubu Electric Power MIRAI TOWER in Sakae district, Nagoya city. Diners Club card members can use this lounge, which usually requires a monthly membership fee, for a single one-off charge.

“Diners Club no Otoriyose” (Ordering Service by Diners Club)

Pamper yourself with this ordering (otoriyose) service, presented by Diners Club and “Fujingaho” online shopping site. Enjoy exclusive items available only through our ordering service.

Diners Club Ticket Service

Diners Club card members have access to an extensive variety of performance and event information, such as recommended plays and concerts.
Apply for event tickets at any time of the day or night from your PC or smartphone.

Business Account Card

Available in addition to the Primary Card

Annual Fee
5,500 yen (inc. tax)

Recommended for:

●Card members who want to separate private and business expenses

●Card members who want another card with a separate payment account

Three Merits:

1. The points you earn can be combined with points from the Primary Card.

2. You can designate a separate payment account from the Primary Card.
(Corporate accounts are also eligible.)

3. You can receive separate credit card statements.

* You cannot apply for a Business Account Card at the same time as the Primary Card from either the PC website or a smartphone. Please apply for the Primary Card on this page first, then request a Business Account Card application form from Club Online (card members online services)  or the Diners Club call center to apply for a Business Account Card.

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Basic Card Information

Diners Club Premium Card is an invitation-only card

Annual fee : 143,000 yen (including tax)
Family Card annual fee : Free

A concierge is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer Premium principal
member's requests.