Notice for Premium Bonus Point Program Change

Diners Club will change the reward conversion rate of the Premium Bonus Point Program for Diners Premium Card. We appreciate your patronage and
look forward to serving your future needs with Diners Club.

Effective from: Card Usage dated September 16th, 2019

New conversion rate for domestic usage: JPY 100yen=1.5points*1

Overseas usage conversion rate will remain the same: JPY 100yen=2points*2

  • If the applied conversion produces a number with decimal figures, then the number of Points credited is rounded down.
  • Conversion rate change does not apply to ANA Diners Premium Card/ANA Diners Super Flyers Premium Card.
  • 1) Different conversion rate from the above may apply to some specific usages.
  • 2) 0.5 points will be additionally credited per 100yen Overseas usage for a limited time (September 16, 2019~March 15, 2022), by which the conversion rate will be JPY100yen=2.5 points.

May 16, 2019日

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Club Co.,Ltd.